Get to know the Amira in 20 minutes – a great introduction to the camera’s main features.
Courtesy of BrainBoxCameras – L.A.’s best unknown rental house.

Now available – a very comprehensive guide to the Amira. More than a manual, it not only lists the camera’s features but describes the philosophy behind Arri’s colour science and gives detailed instructions on how to use 3D LUTs in the camera and in post.
The web-based app can also be downloaded and used offline on an iPad.

Amira Pocket Guide by Arri

An interesting report on shooting models in a high-contrast environment with the Amira. Fun fact – photo flashes register across the entire frame, rather than creating banding familier from other rolling shutter cameras.

First Look With Models by Alan Lefebvre

Testing the rolling shutter response of various cameras reveal that the shutter readout speed of the Amira is so fast that to all intents and purposes it behaves like a camera with global shutter, but without the disadvantages.

Rolling Shutter Test by

A succinct and comprehensive comparison between the Sony F55 and the Amira in fact-sheet style. A good aid to deciding which camera is right for your next job

Hardly surprising, but good to know – the Amira will soon make its mark in wildlife photography:

Arri Amira – A Wildlife Camera Operator’s View by Sophie Darlington

Getting to know you – a starting point if you’re new to the subject

Official Arri site

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