Love this post by Ben Allan on All the funky tools that DaVinci Resolve offers can obscure the advantages of getting back to basics and doing a first pass just with RGB – the way until quite recently all feature films were colour graded and the perfect approach for Amira footage.

Using Printer Lights For a Quick & Easy First Pass in DaVInci Resolve; by Ben Allan

Just in time! Final Cut Pro’s latest update enables the programme to integrate 3D LUTs into Amira footage

What’s New in FCP 10.1.2

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  1. André

    I watched your unboxing of your newest arrival, The Arri Amira. I think it is a great camera.
    I wish to know, when you have a chance what lenses you prefer to use on it, how is the handling of the camera, what settings you like, and an overall overview of your experience with it.

    1. amiraownop Artikelautor

      Dear André.
      your questions will be answered in my next blog posts – I just got back from my first shoot with the Amira, 3 weeks in British Columbia, and have a lot to say on how the camera performed in quite difficult conditions. As to the lenses I use – check out the page “My Kit” in the “About” section.


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